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Child friendly Kaprun

For parents of small children in particular, it's hard enough work looking after the little blighters at home, let alone in a strange and foreign land.

Having children of our own, we believe it's important to spend our holiday time (and money) wisely so that we manage to come back feeling that we have, indeed, had a holiday and not feeling that it's been a constant battle to keep them comfortable and entertained. Happy children make happy parents.

We chose Kaprun because of the wide range of activities available for children of all ages.

Child friendly

The ski-school is fantastic and for those who have yet to find their walking legs, let alone their ski legs, there is a ski kindergarten for kids aged 2 or more.

If your children are too young for ski school, kindergarten or crèche the house is big enough to accommodate a family and nanny or, perhaps, willing grand-parents. There are some beautiful walks (if you've got a back-pack for baby or you could use our trusty 3 wheeled pram) and several playgrounds. Also the swimming pool leisure centre is usually a hit with all ages. Failing that, just go for a romp in the snow.

Eating out

If you choose to eat out, you will find the Austrians provide solid, and value for money, meals with the usual specialities and pizza/pasta dishes too.

Child friendly accommodation

We use our house in Kaprun regularly and one of the big advantages to us is that we can leave various children's accessories there and not have to lug them across Europe. We make these items available to our guests at no additional charge. See the self-catering accommodation page for further details.


Babysitting services can be hired by arrangement with Kaprun tourist office (Tel 06547 8080) or pop in to see them.

Supermarket provisions

The local supermarket (literally 2 minutes walk from the house) stocks most consumable items that you might need for babies and small children, including nappies, wipes, powdered milk and babyfood. But bring your own Marmite and baked beans …. if they're a must have.

Independent travel

Independent travel allows you a lot more flexibility in terms of choosing child-friendly flight times. If you fly and you want to hire a car, be sure to take your own car seats (most carriers will not charge for this) or pre-book appropriate seats from the car hire company.

Of course, if you decide to self-drive, then you have the option of stuffing the car and the roof box with all of your home comforts.