Self catering Kaprun. Chalet for families and groups

Self Catering Kaprun

Spacious, comfortable, family-friendly accommodation

Why self-catering?

You may have had some bad experiences of self-catering - we certainly have. In the ski resorts space is at a premium and, more often than not, self-catering "apartment" actually translates to mean "1 room accommodation with barely sufficient room to swing a rat, let alone a cat".

After a hard day of activity, the last thing you need is to have to sleep on a saggy sofa. And if you do decide to eat in, as opposed to exploring the delights of the local restaurants, it would be useful to have more to cook on than a one ring electric hob (which you also have to use to boil pans of water because there's no kettle).

And then there are the children and all the paraphernalia that's required to make sure they're comfortable: push chair, high chair, cot, potty, bottles, feeding bowls/spoons, sterilizers, car seats, toys/games, books….By the time you've packed all the essentials, you're lucky if you've got room left for your toothbrush. And actually, children like a bit of space inside to play too. If they don't, you can be sure that they'll drive everyone else in the party absolutely mad.

The benefits of self catering Kaprun

HOWEVER, if you can find spacious, comfortable, well-equipped, family-friendly accommodation, you're on to a winner with for the simple reason that you have complete freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want. Find out more about our chalet and self catering Kaprun.


If you want to have a lie in and a leisurely breakfast at 10am, you can. If you want to try local speciality restaurants and eat at 9pm, you can. If you want to cook your children's favourite food or you have special dietary requirements, it's not a problem. If you want to play your favourite music or keep your kids quiet with a video, you can. And if you want to walk around the house butt naked, well feel free - although it's not something we personally engage in.


Then there's the cost. If good value for money is high on your list of priorities, self-catering is best option by far. Instead of paying in the region of €870+ (£600+) per week per person for a catered chalet or hotel, you'll be paying a similar amount self-catering for the whole house which, when you have a house that sleeps 8, works out at a much more affordable €145 (£100) per person, per week.

And the good news is that there is such accommodation for self catering Kaprun. We, the extended family, clubbed together to buy our own holiday house so that we could be 100% certain that we would get spacious, comfortable, well-equipped, family-friendly accommodation every time we holiday in our favourite resort.  And we’re so pleased with it, that we’d like to share it with friends and other mountain lovers at times when we’re not using it.

Value for money

As we've already stated, self-catering really does offer the best value for money: e.g. 8 people renting our house for one week will pay between €115 (£80) and €200 (£140) per person.