Independent ski travel. Flexible and cost effective

Independent Travel

Flexible holiday duration and arrival and departure times.

By deciding to travel independently, you'll be able to choose your departure airport and capitalise on availability of cheaper flights. And if you'd like to make use of our own self-catering accommodation, we will do our best to meet your arrival and departure requirements.

During the winter season (November to April) changeover day is generally Saturdays as this coincides with the majority of flights from the UK. However, subject to availability and demand, we may also be able to offer the property on a long weekend basis (or for a 10 day period), because we know ourselves how tempting it is to squeeze in extra days on the snow with work colleagues or friends in addition to your main family holiday - please contact us for details.

During the summer season, we can usually be even more flexible and may be able to accommodate mid-week arrivals and departures or long weekends.

But in all cases, please do not book your flights until we have confirmed availability of the property.

Independent travel: the way to go

What's become eminently clear to us over the years, is that it's incredibly difficult to find everything you and your family want from a standard package holiday. Okay, you might be able to find the accommodation you want, and in a good ski area, but when it comes to flexible travel arrangements, food and meal times, availability of non-ski activities and sheer cost, you'll be struggling to find something that fits the bill - or bank balance!

Independent travel is liberating. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to match your holiday exactly to your individual requirements: with the exception of any commitments to ski-school, you can do what you want to when you want to without having to fit into other people's schedules. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper than a standard package holiday and, particularly when you have children, that's a major consideration.

Independent travel virgin?

If you've not done independent travel before and the thought fills you with trepidation, we've got some good news for you - it's easier than you think, particularly with the boom in cheaper flights, and this website will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Travel essentials

Just to make your travel organisation even more simple, here's a list of those things which you must remember to take with you:

  • Holiday insurance
  • E111
  • Passports
  • Flight tickets, or booking confirmation
  • Driver's licence and green card insurance/road recovery for Europe
  • Currency or a bank card to withdraw cash from cash machines
  • No need for photos for lift pass as these are taken at the lift pass kiosk